Sunday, January 11, 2015



The Unity List
clothes should give the impression that I am a competent person and they should disprove the prejudice people have against young women – that they should have difficulties being taken seriously in politics. I want to look like somebody that is taken seriously - under all circumstances. The Unity List is maybe more relaxed than other political parties.Sometimes I think: “Is this too fancy, do I look like someone who is on her way to a party?” But I like to dress up. I like when there is a difference between workdays and parties. - But I also like to wear lace on weekdays.
Lang, rød taftkjole med flæsebroderi og udskæring
med bindesløjfe, Ivan Grundahl.
Sølvmetaløreringe, Zarah Voigt.
Armringe, Dyrberg/Kern.
Sølv sandaler, Billi Bi.
Foto: Elona Sjøgren
Make up / Hår og Styling: Pari Khadem
Make up: Young Blood
Hår : Loreal

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