Monday, January 5, 2015


                                                   Socialdemokraterne (S)
And former Minister of Justice, Morten Bødskov:

Told os in Power of Fashion about Pari’s styling.

- Pari is awfully clever. She is good at challenging you

and does not hold back an indirect hint. She is not

saying it directly, but you know what she thinks. “Isn’t

it time to try something new and different than your

charcoal gray suit?” I like the fact that she can get you out of

the normal politician suit. Pari nails it spot on. I’m

probably a little conservative in choosing my clothes.

I have never worn fur - and thought that maybe fur

was rather far out, but it was a challenge for me, and

that’s fine

 Grå, mønsterskåret, mink jakke, Kopenhagen Fur.

Foto:Elona Sjøgren

Styling:Stylist in the Danish Parliament Pari

Make up Young Blood
Hår produkter: Loreal

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