Monday, January 5, 2015

Enhedslisten (EL)
In the 90s, when Unity entered Parliament, new
types of personalities, people with other backgrounds,
like metal workers and carpenters etc., were
elected. Now we shall appeal to a wider population,
without looking completely different. I was neither
punk, nor hippie, we are another generation in the
left wing movement who do not have their roots in
the 60s and 70s youth environments, and therefore
we also dress in a different way.
I pay attention to that clothes are being sustainably
produced, that’s why I like American Apparel who
does something to produce under decent working
conditions also in environmental terms.
Kort, rød let uld kjole med stribede manchetter, Isaksen.
Bælte med metalspænde, David Andersen.
Sorte pumps, Elise Gug.
Smykker, Dyrberg/Kern.
Foto: Elona Sjøgren
Make up/ Hår og styling: Pari Khadem
Make up .Young Blood
Hår: Loreal

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