Saturday, October 31, 2015


The Liberal Party
There is more freedom here than elsewhere regarding
dress code. Clothing should reflect that politicians
are not completely removed from how the rest
of society dresses. But I dress more formally, for example,
for meetings in Germany, where my German
colleagues my age wear suits, nylon stockings and
high pumps - all the time - never anything casual.
For a ball at the Royal Palace, some colleagues and I
had initiated a group, “The Seal Gang”, across political
parties, who wore sealskin at the party to raise
awareness for the Inuit hunters and their sealskins.
My contribution was a bomber jacket dyed in a blue
pattern, designed by JSPR Jensen. Lone Loklindt,
(social Liberal Party) wore a classic cape, Sara Olsvig
(the Greenland IA party) a red dress embroidered
in sealskin with Greenlandic decorations and Flemming
Moeller Mortensen, (Social Democratic Party),
a sealskin bow tie.

Lang, sart isblå, vid, kjole i silkesatin belagt

med let helsilkechiffon med lodret plisseret

forstykke, David Andersen.

Hvide stiletter, David Andersen.

Perlearmbånd, stjernesmykke, Ann Wiberg.

Foto: Elona

Styling, make up, hår: Pari

Tak til Loreal og Young Blod

Kort, fuchsia kjole, Susanne Rûtzou.

Sorte sandaler, Billi Bi.

Armbånd, Sif Jacobsen.

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