Tuesday, August 4, 2015


The Social Liberal Party

I have to have some clothes ready in the cupboard

in my office. If I have meetings at Christiansborg and

something official suddenly turns up, something in

the morning and something else in the evening, or

TV a couple of times, you can’t wear the same clothes

all the time. For that purpose, I have jackets or something

else to change into - all kinds of clothes. I try to

be a little creative – and a pair of high heals can lift

the whole look.

You need to have your own style, your own identity.

No minister uniform. It is I, who is Minister, not the

minister, who has become me. Sofie must matter. In

my work but also in the way I dress.
Sort organisk helsilkekjole med kort, løs
capekrave af Neopren med bredt vedhæng på
lynlåsen, David Andersen.
Øreringe, Pilgrim.

Hvid T-shirt Stella Nova.

Øreringe og armbånd, Dyrberg/Kern.

Ringe, Marie Zabel.

Vinrød blazer, Susanne Rützou.
Hvid T-shirt, StellaNova.
Vinrød/hvid ternet pencil nederdel, Susanne Rützou.
Hvide sandaler med ankelrem, A Pair.
Foto:Elone Sjøgren
Styling, Make up & Hår: Pari khadem