Saturday, October 31, 2015



The Social Liberal Party

Lang, sort satinkjole med sort blonde bluse
og tilsat bred, sort blondebort, Heart Made.
Sko, Billi Bi.
Foto: Elona
Styling, hår, make up: Pari

It has been really great to be styled by Pari. Both outfits
were something I could have chosen. I am very
fond of prints, and the combination of the delicate
and slightly larger prints is both beautiful and young
in a compelling way that I like.
I have invested a lot of energy in being a woman
under 30 in politics, where one wants to signal being
dynamic and serious with clothes that are cool, but
not reserved. On the other hand, you do not want
to look like an old man, or dress as a 50 year old in
a uniform with matching jacket and skirt. I believe
that clothes can show both that you are in control
and that you are cooperative. It would be rather odd
otherwise for people like me, who spends so much
time talking to people and playing with the children
in the sandbox.


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