Monday, March 7, 2011

Cool Trends for Hot Days by Reisenthel.

The particularly spectacular limited edition of carrybag iso anniversary is launched in celebration of reisenthel’s 40th birthday: The unique embroidery and lavish prints turn the basket into an absolute Shopping highlight.

carrycruiser iso quite comfortably may be slung across the shoulder by the extra strap – ideal on a crowded bus or train or on the beach. Great extra feature: hidden inside the fancy basket on wheels are two chips for shopping carts.
 The bottleholder iso by reisenthel is the ideal transport solution. The inner layer of insulating foam endows the new bag for the bottle with optimal heat- and cold insulating features.

classic among shopping baskets:
Colorful and stylish – that is the new birthday
look of the carrybag anniversary.

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