Friday, February 25, 2011

A week at Christiansborg by my intern (Mathilde Faghtmann)

At Paris salon in Christiansborg, where i was in week 8

Essie told about her new collection and her passion for colors and nail polish.
It all started when she was just three years old, her mother sometimes took her to a salon,
to get her nails done. That was when her passion began. 
Essie loves all her colors, especially Ballet slippers.






 Me and Essie
Name: Giulia
Age: 16 
Work: High School (gymnasiet)
Grey cardigan, bought in Diesel in Rom 
I Choose this outfit because i really like the bag on this sweater, it's very beautiful.
                                                                           Name: Nanna 
                                                                              Age: 26
                                                 Work: Member of the danish parliament 
                                                                 Shoes from Notabene

                                                                                    these shoes are so cool.

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