Thursday, January 13, 2011

Former Minister of Tax. Member of the Danish parlament Kristian Jensen

1.      How important is fashion for you in your personal life and as a politician?
I am very interested in fashion, partly because I come from the textile area of Denmark with a lot of designers and manufactures and partly because fashion is making the world and people more beautiful
As a politician I am looking for the new fashion trends in order to have an modern and comprehensive appearance
2.      What is the look you are going for - the signal you want to send out?
I would like to bee seen as a modern and serious politician, who is in balance with my self. Therefore I am looking for new fashion trends in mixing suits and casual wear in order to make a sharp and personal style

3.      How important do you think it is to be consulted by a stylist in a professional life? Do only people in media need this or also professionals in companies?
I think that it is important to have a person who you trust to tell you what works for you and even more important what don’t work for you. To be challenged to go beyond your usual choice of clothes 
4.      Describe your personal style and its inspiration.
I do not have a particular source of inspiration. I tend to look at people I meet, shop windows, magazines and friends. That gives me a picture of where fashion is going and a chance to make my own style. I have went from traditional “politician outfit” to more casual and colourful clothing. I bring elements from outdoor in to the political scene.
5.      What is the most important item in your outfit? Jacket, shoes, etc.
It must be suits – I am almost addicted to looking, testing and also buying suits every time I come in to a shop.
6.      How did the show “Vild Med Dans” (Dance with the stars) affect your style in your personal life as well as a politician?
Being a part of Dancing with the stars has teached me to be more focused on emphasizing the male shape with the clothes.  That means more body-fitting suits at shirts and more casual elements to mix with the official looks of being a politician
7.      In the 4 weeks you participated in “Vild Med Dans”, which outfit did you like the most and why?
I liked the outfit I show 4, where I unfortunately was voted out. We danced Argentinian Tango and I was in black trousers, body-fitted white shirt and a black west. I felt very much like a man and it was a very intense dance. Since then I have been jusing the vest a an important accessories to my usual suits.

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