Thursday, December 30, 2010

Smokey Eyes

How to get the classic look of smokey eyes -perfect for New Years Eve.
These kits from Glominerals make it easy.

You can get the look with these kits depending on your skin tone and haircolor. 
If you're medium to dark use the dark Metallic smoky eye kit like I did on Tina.

 Tina Bilsbo

If you're light to fair use the light Smoky eye kit.
-For Line I used the darkest color on the globeline and the lightest under the brow.

Line Baun Danielsen

Begin with the darkest color closest to your lashes, tone it out with the medium color and use the lightest color right under your brow as a highlighter, dark colors draws the attention in and light colors accentuate...

Remember the key to the perfect smokey eye is proper blending. You want to make sure colors are blended together flawlessly.
Ad plenty of black mascara or false lashes.
When you accentuate your eyes this way I prefer very soft lips with hardly any color to them, use a sheer nude color lipstick or gloss.

Have fun and a very happy New Year!!!

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